Be inspired to be you!

Be inspired to be you! Our goal is to focus on the true woman's body with your beautiful curves that give you that gorgeous body! I am blogging today because beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder - it's the beauty you see through your own eyes! Let me just say, who cares what people think or say; ask yourself one question - how did you feel this morning while putting on your outfit? You felt great, didn't you? So walk proud and confident and remember the feeling you had at first glance... It was love at first sight! Remember YOU are beautiful and clothes are just your way of expressing the inner you!


  • KAren dRiggers

    Great message sometimes you need to live yourself before happiness can be found

  • Tim

    I love their approach on This blog. “Be inspired to be YOU”!!!

  • Gail Johnson

    Sounds great and you have absolutely captured the serif struggle we as BBW incur in today’s society! Thanks for giving positive feedback towards today’s BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN..i.e. BBW

  • Amanda Cavaness

    Awesome message and one all humans should learn!

  • Pamela Justus

    I love this message, because it is absolutely correct. Great job, Belinda! I love you woman!

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